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    Virus Removal

    We’re the best virus removers you’ll ever meet. We’ll get your system cleaned, faster, without worries. We’re more affordable than franchise-based services.

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    Screen Repair

    Did you have an accident with your favorite device? We hate to see that happen, but we also know how to fix it. We can help you get back to surfing on your phone or tablet.

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    OS Upgrades

    We are like a mobile Genius Bar that you would find at an Apple retail store. Instead of travelling to Sacramento, get the Apple advice you need here in Redding.

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Need General Help?

  • Network Support

    We can setup your office to run off an optimized network that will keep you up and running fast.

  • Printer Problems

    Everyone hates a printer that won’t print. We can help you with your network issues to setup your printer correctly.

  • Paperless Office

    If you are tired of managing lots of paper, join the club. We can help you by recommending a good paperless solution for what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Data Recovery

    If your computer is broken and will no longer turn on or boot into Windows or Mac operating system, we can recover your files.

  • Business IT

    We’re a perfect fit for technical expertise at your office for your growing business.

Lets work

Fact is, you wouldn’t be on our website unless you had some technology problem, so just ask! We’d love to help! Whether it an issue with your favorite device, your computer is running slow, or you just need help updating your software, we can help! You can either give us a call at 530-710-1889, or you can drop us a line on our contact page!

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Clients said

  • SCR is the best thing that ever happened to my MacBook. They have provided me with excellent and affordable service. SCR has proved to be very knowledgeable, helpful and quick to get things back up and running. It is a real pleasure doing business with Shasta Computer Repair.

    Amanda Oparah
    Amanda Oparah
  • My company is growing fast and so are my IT needs. Curtis from SCR made our office network more secure by limiting access to sensitive files to only specific users. He also configured a back up system on our file server...which helps me sleep at night. As a business owner, it's comforting know I have a technology resource available who I can trust.

    Matt Morgan CEO at Optimize Worldwide
    Matt Morgan
  • I was done done done with my laptop. I was literally on the way to recycle my Macbook Pro when SCR guided me towards a better solution. He has resurrected my computer! Thank you, Shasta Computer Repair!

    Steven Jetton
    Steven Jetton

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