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Computer Repair Can End Human Trafficking

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How Computer Repair Can End Human Trafficking

Do you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC that you’ve been waiting to get repaired? Come join us this Saturday, April 30th and we’ll help you turn that First World Problem into a Third World Solution. That’s right, it’s true that computer repair can end human trafficking in our city and around the world – and we’ll show you how.

Turning First World Problems into Third World Solutions

This Saturday 10:30AM at the Sundial Bridge, United Way of Redding will be hosting their annual Walk Against Traffick event, and we’re helping them throw the party! We will be DJ’ing the event – and performing phone and computer repairs on the side. Not only that, but for every device we repair or appointment we schedule at this event, we will be donating 50% of all profits to put an end to human trafficking in our city and around the world. It’s just one of the ways we love to give back and support the amazing people in our city and community at large.

What Is the Walk Against Traffick?

Walk Against Traffick is a fundraising Walk-A-Thon for Hard Places Community, an organization that is actively fighting Sex Trafficking in Cambodia. This event raises awareness of sex trafficking in our community and helps support amazing people that are on the front-lines of ending this travesty in our day.

computer repair can end human trafficking

Numerous Ways to Get Involved

Do you want to get involved? The best way is to click this link to sign up – and swing by to have a device repaired at the same time! Don’t have a device you want repaired? No problem – just sign up for the walk, have your friends sponsor you, and remind them to come down to visit. The event will be held this Saturday, April 30th at 10:30AM at the Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA. For more information, simply click on the links below, or call into our office at 530-710-1889.


Spilled Water or Other Liquid on MacBook Pro

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One of the worst things that can happen to your MacBook Pro is water, wine, soda or something else spilling on it.

A sinking feeling in the stomach happens as the liquid begins settling in.

Water Damaged Logic Board

A new Logic Board usually costs hundreds of dollars; and most often closer to a thousand than $500. AppleCare and Apple support will replace a Logic Board for a fee if you are outside of warranty, but there are a few ways to resurrect a dead Logic Board that are worthy of attempting first and it could save your wallet hundreds of dollars.

Most often what breaks is the keyboard assembly in the unibody MacBook Pro. Sometimes the MagSafe power board will also be damaged significantly and will need replacement. But if your Mac won’t boot, you definitely need to get the Logic Board services as soon as possible.

What Should I Do?

If you get a liquid spill on your MacBook, the best thing you can do is turn it off completely while you ask someone to go help you get some towels to pat the MacBook Dry. If your MacBook has a removable battery, you can take that out as well. If it doesn’t have a removable battery, taking it to a repair shop right away could increase your chances greatly in a successful recovery from water damage. The main thing you do not want to do is to turn your MacBook on and off a bunch to see if it magically works. It won’t. It must be disassembled for inspection and cleaned.

Some technicians do not feel comfortable in working at the component level for repair, but as a person who doesn’t believe in “Can’t.” before “How?” I am always willing to do my best in resurrecting the damaged Logic Board first. My diagnostic fees are teensy tiny and I have a good success rate at getting the MacBook functional again.

Antivirus on a Mac?

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The Big Question

Sometimes I am asked by what the best antivirus program to use on their Mac computer. In short, my answer is usually, “None.”

Yes, the real answer is false. However, it is highly improbable.

OS X has a marvelous story for tech history buffs, and I encourage anyone who is curious about the life of Steve Jobs or NeXT to investigate it, but for the average person I explain it this way: The Apple operating system was designed with networking and security built in; whereas, in the history of the Windows operating system on a PC, security and networking was an added feature or something that became necessary outside of the core of the operating system’s design. Therefore, the OS X operating system is already very secure and protected.

The History

At the heart of OS X is a system that is derived from AT&T’s labs before 1975. The system was designed specifically with networking and security in mind. Windows, the operating system of most PCs, was designed for the personal computer and didn’t really need networking or security at the time. Now, since the Internet is essentially applied with using computers, security has become an necessary and important aspect of PCs.

How Safe is a Mac Connected to the Internet?

Nearly all of the viruses that are in circulation and propagate on the Internet are designed for exploiting Windows-based computers. On the operating system of the Mac, OS X, there are no known viruses in circulation on the Internet. The last serious problem that a Mac user faced was an exploit for Java (a computer programming language) and was not even a component of the OS X operating system. Apple responded to the threat by disabling Java by default and pushing a fix through Apple Software Updates. Since then, Apple has Java disabled by default.

If You Still Want Antivirus on Your Mac

Sophos for the Mac is free. ClamXav is a program that utilizes the same virus definitions that many servers on the internet use and it is also free. I have used Symantec for Mac for specific cases and I presently have ClamXav installed (though I seldom use it) on my Mac Server. If a person still is uncomfortable with the efficacy of free software, I usually recommend purchasing Symantec. Many retailers are happy to sell antivirus software to anyone who lends and ear to hear. In the end, the Mac user has been enjoying excellent security as soon as they first heard the distinctive Apple ‘chime’ sound upon pressing that power button.

Fixing Redding’s iPhones and iPads

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Shasta CRS repairs broken iPad and iPhone screens! So far I have had a great response with people who are in need of getting their favorite Apple devices fixed. Sometimes I will hear a customer remark that their friend proposed that they fix it themselves inspired by YouTube DIY videos. What I have found though is that not all iPad digitizer replacements are the same.

After suffering a fall, sometimes the alumin  um body housing of the iPad can be dented in such a way that replacing the screen is impossible without bending the aluminum back out to a similar shape that it once was. Attempting to install a digitizer screen with a dented body will inevitably break the new digitizer. I have, of course, found this out through trial and error. This rule is almost universal in all generations of iPad with the exception of the iPad 1st Generation.

The iPad 1st Generation has a flaw where a gray bar appearing through the middle of the screen. Unfortunately, this cannot be repaired; not is it recognized by Apple as a design flaw, though it affects many iPad 1’s in a certain production period.

The iPad 2 has two delicate ribbon connectors in the top right hand corner of the body. If a person is not careful, the ribbon can be accidentally broken when removing the broken digitizer. The iPad 3 and 4 does not have the same exposed connector.

I have found that the best way to make the adhesive more pliable is with a hair blow dryer. I picked one up for $9 and use that to loosen the adhesive. It still takes care and precision to not damage other components in the removal of the digitizer, like the WiFi antenna. Until recently, I had never broken one before. I explained my mistake to the customer and let them know that I would be paying for the part so it would not cost anything else out of pocket for them, but there would be a slight inconvenience for waiting for the part to arrive from one of my online vendors.

Repairing iPhone is relatively uncomplicated as long as the correct parts are ordered for replacement. For example, the iPhone 4s AT&T and Verizon display assemblies have different layouts for where the assembly attaches to the frame of the iPhone. Ordering the correct iPhone replacement part is crucial; especially since some vendors on Amazon do not accept returns for refund.

The iPhone digitizer is much more study and durable for installation; whereas the iPad digitizer is more delicate due to it’s size and flexibility. Keeping a stock of iPad and iPhone parts seems to be a really good idea. Especially for the delicate ribbon of the iPad 2 and for the infamous WiFi antenna.

I have been having a great time repairing the people of Redding’s favorite internet devices; namely the iPad and iPhone. I am happy to contribute to prolonging the life out of these fun and useful Apple devices while reducing the technology waste footprint of our community!

Mac or PC Problems? Shasta CRS in Redding Can Help!

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You can have your computer repaired right here in town

Redding Computer Repair | Memory UpgradeApple computers, laptops, and accessories are becoming increasingly popular today for both business and personal use. If you own any of these products and you experience any type of problem with them, you will need repair services. Instead of hiring a costly and potentially unreliable technician, you should select a service center that has a skilled staff that is experienced with repairing and servicing Apple products. These service centers also sell used products, offer rental services, and much more.

There are many service centers that offer Apple repair and other services. Apple computer repair service centers have highly-trained computer technicians that can address both residential and commercial needs. They are conveniently open during business hours so that busy customers can bring their Macs, PCs, and related accessories in for repair. They have years of experience and are focused on meeting the needs and expectations of their customers so that they can establish good relationships. While your computer is being serviced, they will even provide rental Macs and PCs so that you can continue working uninterrupted. They also offer all of their services at affordable prices.

If you are looking for Mac services in Redding, you can find a reliable service center like Shasta Computer Repair Services, LLC that offers affordable Mac services in Redding California and nearby areas. Their staff of experts will be well-trained in different techniques for correcting hardware and software problems. They will also be very knowledgeable about all Mac and PC models, which allows them to quickly examine and identify what part of the hardware or software needs to be repaired. Once the exact problem has been pinpointed, the technicians will perform any services required to correct the problem.

A leading service center is the preferred provider of Mac repair in Redding. Most business people and personal computer owners choose a leading service center for all of their computer repair needs. Services offered include the full range of Mac/PC repairs, upgrades, and replacement services during convenient hours and with on-site or in-store support. They also offer low-cost screen replacements, flat-rate data recoveries, and flat-rate rentals for use while your Mac or PC is being repaired. They specialize in selling used and reconditioned Apple laptops and desktop computers, which have all been carefully tested and are in perfect working condition. Take advantage of their exceptional services the next time you have computer trouble or would like to purchase an affordable used Mac or PC.